Interesting!! This is the Reason Why 4×4 Broke Up

Wondering why a beautiful group like 4X4 is no more? We got the gist for you!

4×4 was a Ghanaian trio singing group back in the 2000s which includes, Captain (Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey), Abortion who is now known as Coded  (Raphael Edem Avornyo) and Fresh Prince (Prince Tamakloe).
Ghanaians last heard of this group back in 2014 when they dropped their banger, “Dance” featuring Davido and since then, not even jingle has been dropped by them, they have been individually releasing songs yet they have denied all claims that their group is dead.

Per our observations about 4×4, the group after the release of the track in 2014, that same year Captain Planet got married to his wife, Uche Ofodile.
Could Captain Planet’s marriage to Uche be the reason behind their in activeness? Let’s try to figure it out here, A few days ago Captain Planet disclosed that as a man you need to listen to your wife’s advise because he, (Captain Planet) was once told by his wife to stay away from friends. Now think about this.

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