M.anifest called Tee Rhyme to do a joint with him

Tee Rhyme is rather becoming the most talked about as far as the Hip Hop community is concerned and music in general.

Tee Rhyme is one of the hottest Lyrical Kings currently dominating the West Coast of Africa, and specifically Ghanaian music industry. He takes this dominance a little top notch on his recent release Twa wa num and His tahoo’ep, this also won him the Best Rapper of the Year at Eastern Music Awards recently.

In recent Months Tee Rhyme was Revealed having the same Style Of GREY(of Mobile Boys) and later moved to CABUM(His godfather)and now M.anifest.

On Monday,17th December, Arnold Alavanyo on Zylofon Fm Mentioned Tee Rhyme to M.anifest in an interview being a Rapper and having the same Style and Down Tone Vocals which after the Interview M.anifest reached out to the TEE RHYME intends to do a Record(Working) with Him.

By this superb magnanimity Announcement we believe a Great Turn around will Hit the Camp of The Stylish Music Gang(Tee Rhyme).

A gesture so exciting that many are beginning to ponder on what will or could go down if they (M.anifest & Tee Rhyme) do a joint Together .

Arnold Alavanyo who could be likened as a Philanthropist, has shown his willingness to do more to help Young Talented and Aspiring Artiste.

I urge y’all to go download Tee Rhyme Tracks and Part it with The Style and Vocal of M.anifest, and Judge it for yourself.

Let’s do this to Support a Good Brand TEE RHYME da Stylish Rapper

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