A Plus on Agyinasare Feud – Nogokpo is acting as if with no powers


Outspoken political activist and showbiz commentator, Kwame A Plus, has wondered why, despite the many threats from its headquarters, the Nogokpo shrine could not harm the revered man of God, Archbishop Agyinasare.

A Plus is concerned that Nogokpo’s respected and hallowed shrine is being made to appear helpless by the authorities’ recent operations there.

Speaking on the United Showbiz Show, he said that if the shrine’s managers continued to threaten Archbishop Charles Agyinasare after he had made it through their 60-day deadline in good health and alive, people would start to question the shrine’s legitimacy.

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Their activities expose them to criticism and mockery, A Plus added.

He said, “The man who spoke on behalf of Nogokpo, you are in your shrine and you are asking someone to come to your shrine for a challenge. What do you mean by that? Can’t he act from his space? He should be able to do whatever he wants to do to the bishop from his space. These recent deeds by Nogokpo makes it look like they are powerless.”

“You said you would kill someone, gave the person a 60 days ultimatum, the person survives it and the next day you are on Facebook live throwing another challenge. You are now asking him to come there for a challenge, for what? What exactly is he coming to do there? Must he be there for their powers to work? These actions make it possible for the shrine to be disrespected and ridiculed.”

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Agyinasare Nogokpo comment

The ArchBishop was recently criticized and threatened by the people of Nogokpo when said He said, “Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region. We only have not said it but the second night, I made Bishop Yaw Adu talk about witchcraft and we disgraced the witches and the wizards. When we were driving from Aflao to Agbozome, immediately we got to Nogopko, Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive, the tyres came out from under the car.”

TRENDING VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoCaL3ldfkg&t=40s&pp=ygUJaGVsbG9naHR2

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