Asantehene enstoolment: Why Yaa Naa is the first to know about event


A lawyer and historian, Anokye Frimpong, has revealed why the enthronement or death of any Asantehene is first disclosed to the Yaa Naa.

To many Ghanaians, there is a rivalry between Ashantis and the people of the Northern Region, Dagombas, but history says otherwise.

According to lawyer frimpong, the relationship between Ashantis and Dagombas began through war, but the two tribes became best of friends.

In an interview on Max TV on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, he gave the history of the friendship between the two tribes.

He said that the Dagombas became the subjects of Ashantis after the Ashantis defeated them in a war.

“Dagombas were installing their chief but unfortunately it led to a conflict and one of the factions in the conflict sought help from the Ashantis. Osei Kojo (the leader of the Ashantis then) led troops there and the chief he went to face was called Gariba.

“History says that the Dagombas were poised to win the war because of their numbers and their superior strength but Ashantis had guns which they (the Dagombas) did not know about… so it is from that time that Dagombas started calling Ashantis, ‘Kabon gun’ (owners of the gun),” he narrated.

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Lawyer Anokye Frimpong said that after Ashantis defeated the Dagombas, they took over all the people under them including Frafras, Dagatis and all the other kingdoms in the northern parts of the current Ghana.

He added that the two tribes from there formed a relationship and become very close allies.

“So, the Ashantis formed a relationship with the Dagombas which exists till date. So we call the Dagomdas, Awan Kotoko and Ashanti is Ashanti Kotoko.”

Asantehene enstoolment

“And whenever an Asantehene is about to be installed or if an Asantehene dies before anybody in the World is informed, the King of the Dagombas, the Yaa Naa, must be informed of it first,” he said.

The historians also said that it was during the Era of Osei Kojo that Zongo Communities seen in the current Ashanti Region were formed.

“When Osei Kojo and the Dagombas become one, rather than Muslims becoming very hated by Ashantis, due to their past experience in the Mali Kingdom, they become very friendly to the Ashantis.

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“So for the first time, Ashanti started giving them places to stay on Ashanti land and this is why if you go to the Ashanti Region, you see the Zongo communities. It was during the era of Osei Kojo that this started,” he said.

He added that it was through this close relationship that Ashantis started keeping beards even though it was a taboo to do so in the past because the Dagombas were mostly Muslim and were keeping their beards.

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