LGBTQI+ Is Foreign And Can Not Be Accepted In Ghana – First Deputy Speaker


First Deputy Speaker  Joseph Osei Owusu (Joewise) has said that all activities of LGBTQI+ are foreign to the Ghanaian culture and thus should not be accepted by Ghanaians.

The Deputy Speaker indicated that Ghana cannot just accept to copy blindly what other countries are practicing as that will destroy the fundamental value of the Ghanaian society.

Joewise, on Wednesday, July 5, said this during the parliamentary debate on the Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee report on the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, popularly known as the anti-gay bill.

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For his part, Member of Parliament for Okere, Dan Botwe, said that beyond passing the bill, there will be the need to find ways to fight the propagation of the practice of homosexuality.

“Beyond passing the bill, let us exercise internal vigilance,” he said during the parliamentary debate.

Mr Dan Botwe further explained that a time may come when children will go to shops to buy items with colors of homosexuals will be on those items. To that end, he said, vigilance is required by all stakeholders aside passage of the bill to prevent the propagation of homosexuality.


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He further described homosexuality as “total madness” and “a satanic force.”

Let us not underestimate this satanic force,” he stressed.

The report highlighted concerns raised by proponents and those who are against the bill.

The opposers of the bill, per the report, contend that “LGBTQ+ activities form part of what the Constitution contemplates under Article 33 (5) about recognition of cerian rights and freedoms that are considered to be inherent in a democracy and which is intended to secure the rights and freedoms and dignity of the people

“Consequently, any attempt to prescribe different treatment to different people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender will be discriminatory and an affront to Article (17) 1 and (2) of the Constitution.”


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