Louisville shooting live updates: Suspect was armed with AR-15, mayor says


Five people were killed and eight others were injured in a mass shooting at a bank in Louisville on Monday morning, according to police.

The suspect was killed by officers responding to the scene at Old National Bank in Louisville, police said.

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Apr 11, 8:08 AM EDT

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Suspect was armed with AR-15, mayor says

The alleged gunman in Monday’s mass shooting at a Louisville bank was wielding an AR-15 when he was gunned down by police, according to Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg.

Michael Swensen/Getty ImagesMichael Swensen/Getty ImagesBroken glass remains on the floor at the Old National Bank on April 10, 2023 in Louisville, Ky.

Craig revealed the detail during an interview with CBS News on Tuesday morning.

-ABC News’ Victoria Arancio

Apr 11, 7:50 AM EDT

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What we know about Kentucky’s gun laws

Kentucky is one of 26 U.S. states that allow for permitless carry of firearms for eligible adults.

The Bluegrass State passed a law in 2019 removing the provisions that mandated state gun owners pass a background check if they were going to going to conceal carry their weapon. Under the law, most adults over the age of 21 can purchase and carry a firearm and take them to most places in Kentucky without any license.

Although gun owners can still apply for a gun license, which requires background checks, they are only meant for people who need such permits when traveling out of state.

PHOTO: Rose petals lay at the entrance of the Old National Bank on April 11, 2023 in Louisville, Ky.
Michael Swensen/Getty ImagesMichael Swensen/Getty ImagesRose petals lay at the entrance of the Old National Bank on April 11, 2023 in Louisville, Ky.

Aside from federal laws that prohibit gun purchases by people with convicted felonies, there are no Kentucky laws that prohibit gun purchases to state residents who have mental health disorders, violent misdemeanor convictions, domestic abuse-related restraining orders or anyone with substance abuse disorders.

Firearms are still prohibited in several locations in Kentucky. Schools, government buildings, courthouses, police stations and any place that serves alcohol are gun-free locations, according to state law.

Kentucky law does not have any provisions preventing firearms in several locations such as hospitals, houses of worship, sports arenas, casinos, polling places and banks. However, local business owners and public and private colleges are also allowed to prohibit firearms on their properties, but they must have adequate signage on their premises, according to state law.

-ABC News’ Ivan Pereira

Apr 10, 10:59 PM EDT

Old National Bank releases new statement

“There are no words to adequately describe the sadness and devastation that our Old National family is experiencing as we grieve the tragic loss of our team members and pray for the recovery of all those who were injured,” Old National Bank CEO Jim Ryan said in a new statement Monday night.

Ryan and other members of the Old National leadership team have been in Louisville much of the day offering support to affected individuals and their families, and they will continue to be on hand to provide support in the days ahead.

“Obviously, this is an incredibly difficult situation, and our entire focus is on making sure that everyone affected has the support and assistance they need,” Ryan said. “On behalf of everyone at Old National, I also want to acknowledge and thank Louisville law enforcement, the medical community and state and local officials for their incredible response to this tragedy. And finally, we ask you to please continue to pray for all those affected.”

-ABC News’ Vera Drymon

Apr 10, 11:01 PM EDT

5th person has died, police say

A fifth person has died following Monday’s mass shooting at a Louisville bank, police said.

Louisville police identified 57-year-old Deana Eckert as the latest victim.

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