Nima demolition: Arrested fetish priest states why he could not disappear when police tried to apprehend him(Video)

fetish priest

An incident involving a fetish priest and the officers in charge of the demolition exercise in Nima has resulted in the arrest of the former, who has come out to give reasons for his arrest.

The incident has attracted attention due to its unusual and somewhat comical nature.

The fetish priest stated that when the Police urged him to keep his calm but was unaware that their vehicle was parked where he was directed towards.

“I was chanting and the police told me to take it easy – and told me to sit inside the vehicle. All of a sudden, they took me to the police station. We are all natives of Greater Accra and such an act is not good.”

The priest added that he wants the government and traditional council to know that Nima residents have been treated unfairly and cautioned all parties involved to be careful.

“We are Ghanaians and we don’t want anything bad to happen but what they [police] did yesterday – people didn’t like it and doesn’t speak well of them.” the fetish priest said.

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The culture side of the story of the fetish priest

This story highlights the diverse cultural beliefs and practices in different communities and how they can intersect with modern issues such as urban development and demolition. It also showcases the dynamics between traditional practices and law enforcement in certain situations. The incident has attracted attention due to its blend of traditional beliefs, protests, and the unexpected turn of events involving the arrest of the fetish priest.

According to reports, nearly 300 structures were destroyed during the demolishing exercise which took place on Wednesday, August 16, 2023.

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Watch full video of the priest explaining his position here:

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