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Piesie Esther Racking Up Numbers With ” Way3 Me Yie ” on YouTube

Way3 Me Yie

Way3 Me Yie  literally translates in English language as : He has made  me well . The song  is Piesie Esther ‘s latest single and currently the most popular gospel in Ghana.

Amongst all her  outdoored music catalogues,  Wa Y3 Yie is incessantly, the fastest growing song from the gospel singer.


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Conveying  this new song to the populace was never a herculean task for the gospel crooner due to the impressive delicacy,  and portentousness of the sound.

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Way3 Me Yie elucidates an account  of Piesie Esther’s life story. She inspired listeners with how far the Lord has brought her as she celebrates 20 years of doing the God’s work as a gospel minister.

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The multiple award winning gospel singer went  fervidly viral on both social and traditional media with her single few days after its release .

People from all walks of life have made  fervid protestations of how Way3 Me Yie highlights their life story.

Way3 Me Yie

2 months following it’s release, Piesie Esther has garnered 1.5 Million streams on Boomplay music  streaming app  and 1 Million views on American Video Sharing platform YouTube.The song is currently one of the most popular songs in Ghana  on Tiktok as well.

Way3 Me Yie

Piesie Esther took to her social media platforms to thank her fans and loved ones for supporting her ministry.

Undoubtedly,  Way3 Me Yie is the most popular 2022 unleashed gospel song in Ghana.

The singer has blessed the world with inspiring songs like ; Wob3di Adanse3,  Agye Won Nsam, Me Nte Ase3 , Okuraseni Moburonii, Empare Me, Ziba Beko, Soma Ogya, Hwehw3 Me Mu, Osore3 Mu Tumi and many more.

Watch the video below:

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