Trump Arrested for the 2nd Time , Pleads not Guilty of 37 Charges


Supporters and detractors of the former president of the United States Donald Trump descended on the federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday. It was a circus

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted for a second time, this time on federal charges in relation to his handling of classified information while out of office, sources familiar confirm to ABC News.

The former president faces at least seven charges, sources tell ABC News, which include willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a document or record, corruptly concealing a document or record, concealing a document in a federal investigation, scheme to conceal, and false statements and representations.


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Maximum sentences for the respective charges, per their statutes, range from five up to 20 years, although any eventual sentence should Trump be convicted would likely be much lower.

Trump is set to be arraigned in federal court in Miami on Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET, sources said.

In a statement on social media, Trump wrote Thursday he had been told of the indictment and insisted the case was a “hoax.”

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He has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

Trump wrote he is “INNOCENT” and it was a “DARK DAY” for the U.S.

Trump also claimed he is innocent in a video posted to Truth Social, saying: “I am innocent. We will prove that very, very soundly and hopefully very quickly. Thank you very much.”

Spokespeople for the Justice Department and special counsel Jack Smith‘s office declined to comment on Trump’s statement.

The unprecedented federal indictment of a former president — who already faces a criminal case in New York City that he denies and who is the current front-runner for the Republican Party’s nomination for the White House in 2024 — further underlines what are potentially the most consequential prosecutions in U.S. history, with both global and domestic implications.

Experts say a current U.S. government criminally prosecuting its former leader and current leading opposition party candidate upends long-held norms and could test the nation’s democratic system in a manner that stretches far beyond the merits of the case itself.


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