Urgent Attention Needed to Revitalize Tourist Sites in Bono East Region -Jullie Jay-Kanz

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The Bono East Region of Ghana is home to several historically and culturally significant tourist sites that have the potential to captivate visitors from around the world. However, during a recent visit to the region by renowned blogger Jullie Jay-Kanz who shared excerpts via her youtube channel and social media pages, it has become evident that these invaluable attractions are suffering from neglect and a lack of proper management.

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Jullie Jay-Kanz visited tourist sites including the Bono Manso Slave Site, Tano Sacred Grove, Mysterious Silver Basin site at Bono Manso, , and Dr. Martin Luther King Ceremonial Site, throwing light on the urgent need for the Ghana Tourism Authority to intervene and revitalize these abandoned treasures.

The Bono Manso Slave Site holds great historical significance as a former slave market. However, the lack of preservation efforts has become disheartening. The absence of informative signage and tour guides makes it challenging for visitors to grasp the site’s importance and fully comprehend its historical context. ” I had to roam across the town for more than 30 minutes before I could get someone to lead me to the site. These were just young people who didn’t know much about the history of the slave site. I managed it like that ”: She Said. The site requires restoration, interpretation,proper roads  and the presence of knowledgeable guides to offer a comprehensive experience to tourists.

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The Tano Sacred Grove,located at Tano Boase near Techiman with its rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, deserves attention. The grove doesn’t appear neglected. However, it is difficult to find a tour guide to take you through the journey. ” If you’re fortunate to find a native of the town to help you with the tour, he charges any amount of money he prefers. I paid 40 cedis per head for myself and team.”: She revealed

The Mysterious Silver Basin at Bono Manso is an enchanting natural wonder. History reveals that the silver basin descended from the skies just like the golden stool and performs miracles as well.  However, its potential as a tourist attraction remains untapped due to neglect. The lack of maintenance, proper access pose challenges for visitors interested in exploring this unique geological formation.’

The Dr. Martin Luther King Ceremonial Site, located at Bono Manso near Techiman designed to honor the renowned civil rights leader, stands in a state of abandonment. The lack of informative displays or exhibits undermines the significance of this site. A lost opportunity to educate visitors about Dr. King’s impact on the world, restoration efforts should prioritize the installation of engaging exhibits and interactive elements that commemorate his powerful legacy.

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The Bono East Region boasts a remarkable array of tourist sites that possess historical, cultural, and natural significance. The current state of these attractions  reveal a distressing lack of attention and management. It is imperative that the Ghana Tourism Authority takes immediate action to restore and preserve these sites, introducing proper infrastructure, informative signage, trained guides, and educational programs.

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