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Famed Ghanaian artist Black Sherif, acclaimed for his chart-topping tracks like “Second Sermon” and “Villain I Never Was,” has opened up on t his musical journey and the sources of his inspiration.

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Larry Madowo, Black Sherif revealed the significant influence of his parents on his musical development.

Blacko fondly reminisced about how his father introduced him to the world of reggae music, an early exposure that left an indelible mark on his musical sensibilities. Additionally, Black Sherif credited his mother for expanding his musical horizons with her appreciation for both indigenous and reggae genres.

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“My mum and dad love music. The first time I met my dad he put me on reggae music. That feeling was different.

“My mum loves Alpha Blondie and Adane Best, which built my interest in music and taste and stuff. It was very indigenous music and reggae as well as highlife music,” he recalled.

This blend of influences set the foundation for Black Sherif’s unique approach to creating music. He referred to his style as modern highlife with reggae influences, emphasizing that he incorporates traditional rhythms and melodies into his contemporary compositions.

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