Chris Brown Engages in Heated Argument,Almost Got into Fight at Event – Watch Video


Currently on his European Under The Influence tour, a video of Chris Brown in a rather heated argument with an unknown individual is taking over Twitter.

The video, posted by Daily Loud, was shared with the caption, “Chris Brown gets into a heated altercation with a TikToker and was about to throw hands .”

Chris Brown seemed to be outside the entrance of a building trying to get through with two other men that could have been his escorts, but they are unable to make much progress due to the congested state of the venue.

Music was playing loudly in the background, preventing any audible conversations.

Chris’ body language, however, indicated that he was focused on someone in particular. The Wet The Bed singer could be seen shouting and gesturing with his hands in the tightly packed space. He also seemed to be trying to push through the crowd to get to whomever he was arguing with to no avail.

Watch the video below:

In the feed of the Twitter post, many commented on the clip with varied responses.

@SP4RR0WS said, “Chris brown be saying he’s a changed man then get into 3 fights the same night,” while Loujean bray stated, “Chris please please quit giving these people any energy walk away you have children now where’s your security nobody with bad energy should be that close to you do y’all job.”

Giving more context to the situation, someone said, “Before y’all get to yapping in these comments dude stole something & was disrespecting one of Chris dancers…. Cause I know y’all like to make up narratives.”


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Another individual who goes by the Twitter handle Bzy posted, “Look at what he said after ,” with an attached image of a comment made by Chris on Instagram after the altercation was over.

See the comment by Chris Brown below:

See more comments below:

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