First wife of Yul Edochie, May, officially files for divorce(See details)

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May Edochie, first wife of Nigerian movie actor and film director, Yul Edochie , has resorted to the law for the separation of her over-so-many-years marriage with the actor.

Announcing the heavy legal charges being demanded by Mrs. Edochie, a law firm, DPA Family Clinic, on Tuesday, disclosed the details of the case against Yul and his second wife.

A statement written by one of its Legal practitioners, Emeka Ugwuonye, on their official Facebook page titled “Yul Edochie situation: Understanding the reality of it” revealed more about Yul and Judy’s controversial union.

Mr Ugwuonye wrote, “To avoid doubts, May Yul-Edochie filed a divorce petition against Yul. She also filed against Judy as a party cited, asking for N100 million (equivalent to 130,208.40) in damages against Judy for adultery with her husband.”

“Make no mistake about it: Yul and Judy are NOT husband and wife and can not be so until Yul and May are divorced. It is a combination of delusion and absurdity for the two to call themselves husband and wife yet,” he added.

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The legal practitioner further revealed that Mrs Edochie is represented in court by Femi Falana’s Firm and Eculaw Group, while DPA plays the support role.

Yul Edochie and second wife avoiding legal process

In the statement, Mr Ugwuonye revealed that Yul Edochie and his second wife received copies of the suit papers, which means they are aware of the lawsuit against them. However, the duo is said to be avoiding the service of the process despite their awareness.

The legal practitioner also disclosed that the court bailiff tried many times to serve them following the court rules, but they evaded the service of the court process.

He stated, “Despite the braggadocio and the social media stunts, Yul Edochie and Judy are facing serious legal challenges, and they seem ill-prepared for them, given that they have been evading service of process.”

“In addition to the substantive petition, May also filed for an order of court restraining Yul from accessing their former marital home. That application is based on the fact that there are genuine security and safety concerns.”

Explaining reasons for the restriction order, the author allegedly noted that Yul’s behaviour has been erratic, irrational, aggressive, and increasingly threatening.

Mr Ugwuonye further said that the actor is allegedly not acting on his will and may have been under some influence.

However, he noted that it is yet to be ascertained whether or not Yul was under the influence. Regardless, it assured that the appropriate measures are in place to protect his first and second wife and their children.

Ego Massage by Yul Edochie and second wife

On Tuesday, a video of the controversial lovebirds Yul Edochie and his second wife surfaced online. The extended video captured Yul’s second extolling him in Igbo and English.

She continuously hypes her husband, mainly calling him “Odogwu” while he nods in affirmation.

The actress described her husband as a good man and dared naysayers who think otherwise to come and try her husband. She boasted that he was the best man with a good heart.

In reaction to the video, Mr Ugwuonye, in his piece, also addressed what transpired before the alleged ego-massaging video they posted.

He wrote, “Last weekend, against all advice, Yul attempted to access the home, now occupied alone by May and her children. But he was stopped by the intervention of law enforcement.”

“He was reminded that henceforth, all issues involving his marriage to May and dealings in that regard are sub judice. He should consult his lawyer when and if he hires one and be guided by such a lawyer.”

Mr Ugwuonye also noted that after the encounter, it was unsurprising to hear that Yul Edochie and Judy would be on social media in a comic display where Judy showers Yul with unfettered adulation.

“It is understandable that he would need such extreme ego massage,” he added.


During a phone conversation, Mr Ugwuonye told PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday that he is not in the best position to give media statements, primarily due to the judge’s order.

He highlighted why he could not speak on the divorce details or the legal strategies.

He said, “On the May Yul-Edochie matter, we do not wish to make any statement beyond the note we posted yesterday on our Facebook page.”

“I would not like to speak about the litigation strategies for three reasons. Firstly, Femi Falana is the leader and should be the one to do that. Secondly, the judge admonishes the parties to avoid undue media commentaries.”

“Thirdly, it is generally not in our client’s interest to disclose her plans and strategies in advance. We intend to honour that warning,” he added.

The legal practitioner said Mr Falana’s firm is leading the case while Eculaw is the junior partner in the team.

Mr Ugwuonye further noted that the statement he posted was made on behalf of the DPA Family Law Clinic, an organ of the DPA International Foundation.



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