Give me some holidays to fix Ghana’s economy – John Mahama pleads with teacher unions


Former President John Mahama has made a passionate call to Ghanaians, especially the various teacher unions, to give him some holidays to fix the country, if voted into power.

Mr. Mahama says, per the country’s books, Ghana is broke, and it will take some time for any government to fix the economy before the demands and needs of the people are met.

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Former President John Mahama made this known when speaking to party faithful in the Volta Region of Ghana.

He said, “I will plead with the teachers’ union, GNAT, NAGGRAT, UTAG, and TEWU, and all of them. I know all of you are clamoring for an increase in your allowances, and so forth.

Let me caution you in 2025, inshallah we will show you the books and the finances of this country and you’ll realize the harm that the NPP administration has done to this economy.”

This country is broke, and so we will beg you that when we come into office, give us a bit of a honeymoon. Let’s put things in place so that we can bring the economy back on its feet, and when we’ve done that, we can accede to your demands again. That is why I’m being measured in the promises that I make because we all know the crisis in which this country has been plunged”.

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