It’s not true! – Kaywa refutes sabotaging Mr. Drew during 2017 MTN Hitmaker


Highly Spiritual Music CEO, Kaywa, has denied claims that he sabotaged afrobeat musician Mr. Drew during the 2017 MTN Hitmaker contest.

Kaywa expressed his utmost shock at the assertions, owing to the fact that Mr. Drew had not seen his scoresheet to arrive at the conclusion that he did not give him appreciable marks to help him emerge victorious.

The CEO of the Highly Spiritual Music label explained that he was in support of Mr. Drew winning the contest but his failure to garner adequate votes led to his loss.

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Speaking in an interview with Abeiku Santana on United Television (UTV) on September 11, 2023, Kaywa reiterated that he had no malice against Mr. Drews during the 2017 MTN Hitmaker contest but he lost due to insufficient votes.

“I don’t know if he saw my scoresheet to confirm I sabotaged him,” he said.

“For me, he [Mr. Drew] should have won, but votes helped Freda [to win the contest]. After the event, I called to encourage him not to give up because on stage he was very good at his craft,” Kaywa added.

Kaywa further narrated how he signed Mr. Drew after the MTN Hitmaker contest in 2017 and clarified that he did not pay him any money but rather invested in the artiste, especially his music videos.

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“After the MTN hitmaker in 2017, I was expecting to hear from him but I didn’t. so I decided to call him and start something by helping him. I didn’t sign him with money. Every label has a way of doing things.

“As for us [Highly Spiritual Music], whatever money we have, we invest in you and take care of you. That’s why most of our videos are quite expensive to the extent that the money could be used to start a business. We shot very expensive videos for Mr. Drew. So I don’t know where that conversation [Kaywa not signing Mr. Drew with money] is coming from. We believe Our success is our product,” he disclosed.

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