Keche, Kuami Eugene Fight Over Ownership of ‘ No Dulling ’ Hit Song 

no dulling

Music duo Keche and Kuami Eugene are at each other’s throat over writer credit for their collaborated song titled, “ No Dulling .”

According to Kuami Eugene, he wrote the entire chorus and hook of the song.

no dulling

“I did the whole chorus and hook. If anybody claims credit for it, it’s a big lie because I wrote that. They are claiming credit for it because in the industry there are certain things we don’t understand. People think that when someone writes for the next person then it means the person written for doesn’t have talent but it doesn’t work like that in the Western World.

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They recorded their verse in my studio and I didn’t charge them one Cedi for No Dulling. Before they

came, I had written the hook and chorus. They added ‘Otan brebere yi nti wo da wo da’.,” he said on the Delay Show.

However, Keche Joshua, a member of the duo has challenged Kuami Eugene’s claim.

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In an Instagram post, Keche Joshua expressed shock suggesting Kuami Eugene’s comment wasn’t true.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, Keche Joshua can be seen laughing hysterically as he addressed the claim.

He said, “They said the only thing we did in the song was ‘Otan brebere yi nti wo da wo da’. Hmm…So Andrew, ‘No Dulling,’ the only thing we did was ‘Otan bebere yi nti wo da wo da’” he said this laughing hysterically before adding “…I don’t understand it; I don’t get it


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