Muta Sends Fiery Response to Critics, When Asked About Koffee and Lila Ike’s Gay Rumours – Listen


Cultural icon and radio presenter Muta baruka is facing apparent backlash for his response when asked about the homosexuality rumours surrounding the Reggae/Rasta movement by some of his callers.

“Mek a tell a man summin now, an me a tell yuh, whosoever a tape the program them can tape the program, listen now, yuh see my brains, my brains nuh function like most people brains enuh, so yuh see now, me nuh have no time fi everyday me sit down and get up me gone pon Youtube,” outlined Muta as he started to talk on the matter. 


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The controversial dub poet pointed out that he had no time or thought it necessary to talk about people’s sexuality on his radio show Stepping Razor after fans pressed him on the issue of why he isn’t speaking out against reggae artistes Koffee and Lila Ike. 

Lila Ike, more than a year ago, shocked the reggae world when she came out and told fans she was attracted to the same sex. So fans were wondering why as a stalwart Rastafarian and a host of a popular radio program, he hasn’t been vocal on the matter.

Mutabaruka addresses his critics by saying, “A doh bizniz wid that, a doh bizniz wid that, a not going to spend me wul time every time a seh summin, a see summin is that I go talk bout, it’s madness, it’s a kinda a madness, an a man wah me declare my self, declare me self fi what, to who.”

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In continuation of his point, Muta told his fans and the world at large that, “After a man nah put no food inna me mouth, him a try tek it out, wen a man a tell me bout Koffee, weh my bizniz bout koffee, weh me bizniz bout Koffee Rasta, me nevin know wah Koffee a do.”

In closing, Mutabaruka said he did not know of Koffee being a Rasta, “wul heap a people locks.” Muta states. He also briefly touched on Lila Ike when he said, “Tru she gay she caa do a good show? Tru she seh she gay she caa do a good show what kinda foolishness is that.”

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