Rabies kill four in Bono Region


Rabies kill four in Bono Region 2022  

Four people in the Bono Region in 2022, died of rabies , Dr Donald Joachim Darko, the Bono Regional Director of the Veterinary Services Department has said.


In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani, he said the cases were reported at Baakoniaba in the Sunyani Municipality, Sampa in Jaman North District and Drobo in the Jaman South Municipality.

Dr Darko, therefore, called on all the Municipal and District Assemblies in the region to enact and enforce bye-laws on stray dogs and other animals in their respective localities.

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“Every dog or cat is expected to be vaccinated with the anti-rabies vaccine,” he said, saying, the vaccine was inexpensive and advised dog owners to do so.

“Ideally, dogs should be kept in a fence or in a cage and not allowed to roam in the localities and attack people,” Dr Darko said, indicating that children were more prone to dog attacks.

The Veterinary Director said fending for bulldogs remained expensive, and called on the people who could not afford feeding their dogs, not to buy and keep them at all.

He urged those who intended to keep bulldogs to seek advice from the service.

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