Afia Schwarzenegger has secrets likely to send Tracey Boakye to jail – Ayisha Modi

afia schwarzenegger

Ayisha Modi has alleged that Afia Schwarzenegger has some serious secrets about Tracy Boakye that could land her in jail if Afia decides to divulge them.

In a recent attack, Ayisha, who has revived her feud with the ‘mafia gang’, said Tracey Boakye has committed some damning atrocities that only Afia knows. She said in the past few years, Afia had publicly and privately attacked Tracey on several occasions, but the latter was unable to retaliate due to the fear of being exposed.

Ayisha’s anger and revelations stem from Tracey’s constant act of dropping laughter emojis under Afia Schwarzenegger’s Instagram post which is usually meant to ridicule her.

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“If Afia Schwarzenegger writes her foolish statements about me and you comment under the post, you won’t like what I’ll do to you. Why can’t you speak or retaliate when Afia insults you on social media? Because she has evidence against you and you’re likely to go to jail. I am not a murderer, neither am I prostitute,” Ayisha stated in a viral video.

She went ahead to spill more damning allegations about Tracey.

“You slept with a president for money and you milked out his secret. You shared those secrets backed with evidences with Afia Schwarzenegger. Tracey Boakye has slept with a lot of men including her mother’s husband. When last did you see her mother at any of her events. She had to storm the U.S to appease her mother with the filthy money she got from the president. You’ll show me the father of your first born, second and third born. You’ll show me the kind of job you did to acquire 7million dollars and where you got the money to marry your husband,” Ayisha added.


Kumasi murder allegation on Afia Schwarzenegger ‘s ally

Earlier in a barrage of allegations, Ayisha claimed that one of Afia Schwarzenegger’s friends fled to Accra after committing murder in Kumasi, while others extorted money from a certain Mahama.

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“You think you can talk ill about everyone and get away with it. People owe allegiance to you, and people are scared to criticize you because you are holding their secrets. You have friends that stole Mahama’s money. You have a friend that killed someone in Kumasi and fled to Accra. You don’t have any grip on me and I am not one of those people.

“You have the nerve to insult my family. Unlike you, I come from a well-to-do family. Unlike you, I have rich parents. If your mother had trained you well, you wouldn’t be sleeping with anyone or anything for money. Before you insult anyone, take a critical look at your family,” she stated on a TikTok live.


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