EC Insists on Using Ghana Card for Voter Registration; Rejects Guarantor system


The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, Jean Adukwei Mensah, has emphasized the need for the use of the Ghana Card as the primary document for voter registration.

The chairperson, explaining how insignificant methods such as the guarantor system have become, stated that the Commission will not waver in its decision to rely on the Ghana Card for registration.

Madam Jean Mensa highlighted why the guarantor system should be discarded, stating it was introduced three decades ago when there were no reliable forms of identification. However, with the introduction of the Ghana Card and advancements in technology, she believes that the country should move forward and rely on the Ghana Card to ensure the integrity of the voter register.

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She announced this stance during a press briefing where she also revealed the date for the upcoming district level and unit committee elections. The elections are scheduled to be held on Tuesday, December 19.

Jean Mensa indicated the EC’s work so far on a proposed constitutional instrument (CI) to eliminate the guarantor system from the voter registration process. She noted that the proposed draft before Parliament aims to improve the registration process by removing the guarantor system.

NDC rejects EC decision

However, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed disagreement with the removal of the guarantor system. This disagreement has led to delays in the debate on the CI, as the NDC believes that maintaining the guarantor system is essential for inclusive voter registration.

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The EC’s decision to prioritize the use of the Ghana Card for registration is part of its efforts to modernize and streamline the electoral process while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the voter register.

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