Any man of God who doesn’t believe in the Bible is fake : Kyiri Abosom’s Ex-wife

Kyiri Abosom's Ex-wife

Osofo Kyiri Abosom’s ex-wife, Lady Princess Nyarko, has said that any man of God who doesn’t believe in the Bible is a major red flag.

In a recent interview on the Delay Show, Kyiri Abosom justified his choice to reject both the Bible and Jesus Christ.

He asserts categorically that Jesus Christ, while being the son of God, is only a prophet, which he uses as his justification for not believing in the Bible.

Yet, his wife acknowledged that she wed him because he was a pastor and said that she believed in the Bible because it served as the guide for all Christians.

Kyiri Abosom's Ex-wife

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“I believe in the Bible because it is the manual of every Christian. It is the word of God. It says all writings are of God… so whenever the Bible is quoted, we cannot do anything because it is the word of God. It is God’s word through man,” she said in an interview on privately-owned CTV.

Asked about the former husband’s controversial views on the Bible, she responded: “That is his belief. Please when I met him, he was a pastor and he married me as that. For as long as we were together, I knew him to be a pastor.”

On the question of whether she would consider a person who doesn’t believe in the Bible as a pastor, she said: “If you claim to be a man of God, you can only lead a people of faith if you believe in the Bible. If not, what is the basis of your being called a pastor?” she asked.

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