Christian Atsu’s elder brother replies Nana Agradaa


Abraham Twasam, elder brother of the late Christian Atsu, has responded to Nana Agradaa’s claims that his brother was into ‘Black magic’ (Juju).

Earlier, when news of the Ghanaian footballer’s demise hit social media, Nana Agradaa claimed that God did not rescue him from the earthquake in Turkey, because he (Christian Atsu) was unrighteous.

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The preacher, who used to be a fetish priestess, has since been lambasted by critics including Ajagurajah and Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

Agradaa while addressing her congregants in a viral video said:

“Ask yourself why some people survived and others couldn’t. I always tell people that every human being on this earth should accept Jesus Christ. If deep within, you know you have accepted God, all sorts of disasters will take place but you will survive it. People look at the lighter side of things, they think because certain people are kind so it’s an automatic ticket to be spared from all kinds of things.


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“To us, we think Atsu is a complete angel, but it is otherwise in the sight of God. What human beings approve of is not what God approves. If you belong to the world, the world will hail you, but if you belong to God, thousands of angels will back you. You can’t rely on juju, freemason, occults, and so on just because you want to enhance your career and expect to escape judgement.”

But disclosing how the family, including him, feels about such utterances, Christian Atsu’s brother said:

“I have seen and heard what people are saying. The ridiculous stories. Mama Pat also said some but she is a grown woman and I expect her to know better. If I want to match her head-on, it will look as though I don’t respect. She doesn’t know us; she doesn’t know our family.

“Atsu was very young when he travelled to Portugal. He left at age 14 and grew up over there. How will he practice juju? He was nurtured like a white man, so how is it possible to access black magic? It’s because this had happened and everyone is saying what they like. So she also feels that she can share her opinion. We don’t have anything to tell her, it is God who sees and know the heart of men,” he stated in an interview with Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV.

Meanwhile, the one-week observation of the late Christian Atsu is slated for March 4, 2023, at the Agiringanor Astroturf, in Accra. Atsu died in Turkey after an earthquake struck the country killing thousands.

Watch the video below:

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