Mzbel and Tonardo unfollow each other on social media

mzbel and tonardo

It appears there is a silent feud brewing between Mzbel and Tonardo as the two best friends have unfollowed each other on social media.

Checks on their various social media pages, particularly Instagram where they are most active, disclose that they have excluded each other from their friends’ list.
Earlier, in an interview with Barima Kaakire Agyemang, Mzbel tearfully narrated how she had paid for every ounce of love received in her life.

mzbel and tonardo
Mzbel and Tonardo

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She lamented bitterly about not receiving genuine love from any of her friends or even family members.

“Every love I have ever experienced in my life with people, I have paid for it. Physical cash. No one has become friends, taken me as a mother or sister with me, and hasn’t taken money from me for being my friend. Because I get nervous and insecure because the person spends the whole day with me, and if I don’t give them something when they are leaving, they will think I am a bad person.

“I don’t know why I do that…[cries]…I don’t know why I do that but, I always do that. It hurts, it hurts. No one has loved me for free in my life, not even the men that I have walked with that are influential. Nothing is free for me, I pay for every love. When it comes to my life I pay for it. As I talk to you, someone is dying to give me the world and everything, but I am asking myself, what am I supposed to give in return? I am tired. I don’t want anyone to love me. I can’t afford it anymore. I can’t,” she stated.

Meanwhile, concerned netizens have wondered why Mzbel who has ‘ride or die’ friends including Nana Tonardo, would pass such comments.

Her statements sparked suspicions, which were centered on the fact that she and Tonardo haven’t been goofing around or commenting on each other’s posts on social media.

They were last seen together at Mzbel’s birthday party on December 26, 2022.

But in the latest development, Mzbel has reduced her followers to just five, of which Nana Tonardo isn’t part.

Tonardo is also currently following just one hundred and eight people, which excludes her best friend, Mzbel.

Mzbel and Tonardo’s most-talked-about friendship

After reuniting with Mzbel in 2021, Tonardo and Mzbel have since shared a stronger bond which has been witnessed on social media.

From fighting her battles and inheriting her enemies, Nana Tonardo’s loyalty to Mzbel seemed unmatched.

Netizens online, particularly on Instagram, witnessed how they formed a strong alliance, through which they crashed their enemies and displayed an enviable friendship.

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