Dag Heward-Mills On ‘Ruthless Criminals’ Comment About Lawyers – I retract and apologize


Lighthouse Chapel International founder, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, has repudiated and apologized for his recent sermon in which he chastised the unethical behavior of certain professions.

In the sermon, Heward-Mills made reference to the professional and unprofessional practice of the law, medicine, and the pastoral ministry.

He also made illustrations to clarify his points, but some people have interpreted these illustrations as being targeted at a specific person or case.

Heward-Mills has since issued a statement saying that his intention was not to smear any particular professional or individual, but to teach the word of God.

“My intention as a preacher was not to smear any particular professional or individual but to teach the word of God. To the extent that any relationship has been drawn to any case pending in or out of court or to any individual or individuals, I consider it unfortunate and unintended, and I hereby disassociate myself from it, retract it and render my sincere apologies to anyone who may be affected by it,” the renowned evangelist said in a statement dated Tuesday, August 8.

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Heward-Mills on unethical behaviour of lawyers

Bishop Heward-Mills was seen on a video last week chastising the unethical behavior of some lawyers and other professionals.

He described a scenario in which some young individuals approached a lawyer with a bad case that lacked reasonable evidence, but for the sake of money, the lawyer agreed to handle the cases in order to extract money from vulnerable people.

He went on to narrate a story of a man who was about to die and wanted the presence of his lawyer and accountant. When they arrived, he instructed the lawyer to stand on his right side and the accountant to stand on his left.

TRENDING VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoCaL3ldfkg&t=40s&pp=ygUJaGVsbG9naHR2



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