NOGOKPO VS AGYINASARE – Abeiku Santana calls on community to show gratitude to clergyman

abeiku santana

Abeiku Santana has advised the people of Nogokpo to acknowledge the Perez Chapel International founder, Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare, for shedding light on the community.

Santana believes that the clergyman has provided a valuable service by assisting community leaders and residents in improving their self-perception and branding.

Prior to the brouhaha between the bishop and the popular community, there were misconceptions and misinformation about Nogokpo which people believed.

Santana states that the community’s inhabitants used Archbishop Charles Agyin Asare’s statement to dispel these misunderstandings and improve their community’s image.

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However, after the founder labeled Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta Region during one of his church sermons, he faced criticism from a segment of the public.

It is vital to note that the bishop’s goal was not to disparage the Volta Region’s people.

Nonetheless, the meaning and portrayal of his statements spurred Nogokpo leaders to grasp the opportunity by giving interviews and organizing news conferences, garnering publicity for their village.

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Abeiku santana on Nogokpo branding and popularity

The TV personality expressed his belief in the fact that the Perez bishop has added to the marketingof the town to many foreign travellers

“In the realm of branding and image development, individuals from foreign nations often travel to places like Benin to experience Vodoo festivals. In the same vein, the leaders of Nogokpo capitalized on the Archbishop’s remarks to promote their destination, thus aiding in the marketing of their community.”, he said.

Nogokpo is a small village located in the Ketu South Municipal of the Volta Region of Ghana along the Trans–West African Coastal Highway. Nogokpo was founded by Torgbui Saba Tritriku Agbo. He migrated from Agbozume Sukladzi and was one of the brave war captains of the Somey State


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