Sharaf Mahama inspires youth to reshape toward the future on International Youth Day


Son of former President John Dramani Mahama, Sharaf Mahama, has issued a clarion call to young people on International Youth Day, observed today, August 12, 2023.

Sharaf Mahama urged young people to seize control of their destinies and proactively mold their future as they ponder on what lies ahead.

In a social media post to commemorate the International Youth Day 2023 under the theme ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,’ the younger Mahama underscored the need for young people to organize as catalysts for change, taking on active roles in shaping what lies ahead – a more promising future for themselves and their communities.

“Today marks an important day for us, young people across the world. It is a day set aside to celebrate us, named “International Youth Day”. And as we celebrate the achievements and sacrifices of youths across the world, I want to remind you to think deeply about ‘what lies ahead’ of us and how we can change the current negative narratives about our generation – narratives that do not reflect our hard work and character as young people,” he said.

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He addresses adversity

Mahama acknowledged the mounting economic challenges that have cast a shadow over the future of young people, leaving them with limited hope.

“Today, we are unable to confidently predict a positive future because of the many challenges that confront us. There is little or no hope or opportunities for better education, healthcare, good infrastructure, economic prosperity and skill development, a clean environment, and water bodies among others. Almost everything we care about and cherish is not spared – risking our future,” he stated, adding that failure to address these issues could have dire long-term consequences for the nation, which has more than 55 percent of its population under the age of 25.

Sharaf Mahama on the future

Drawing on the strength of communal synergy, creativity, and determination, Mahama highlighted the potential to surmount obstacles obstructing the path to a prosperous collective future for young people.

“So, we are right to think and act in ways that reshape what lies ahead of us. The future is ours but the real work started yesterday. We still have the opportunity as young people to group, think and act,” he urged.

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Affirming his dedication to championing the cause, Mahama expressed his commitment to helping create a better world in partnership with the youth.

With Sharaf Mahama’s rallying cry resonating with countless young individuals globally and his message serving as a poignant reminder that the potential to construct a brighter tomorrow requires the support of everyone, he made a solemn pledge to champion this mission.

“…it is a cause I want to be part of – a cause that puts us in charge of our future and make our world a better place for all. I encourage you to engage me in the coming days on how we can find our own solutions to the problems that confront us. ‘What lies ahead’ must be important to us! Get involved and let’s create the future together,” he declared.


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