Simi on leaving the gospel scene – Churches paid chicken change


Talented Nigerian songbird Simi has finally disclosed the reason behind her decision to leave the gospel music scene in Nigeria, citing chicken-change payment by churches one motivating factor.

Simi, in a recent interview on MTV Base Africa’s show, Official Naija Top 10, revealed that, despite the meager payment she received as a gospel artist, switching to circular music was a hard decision she had to make.

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During her time in the gospel music industry, Simi would perform at various churches, and the performance fees she received were dishearteningly low, ranging from N5,000 to N10,000. The highest amount she ever earned was N70,000, which, at that time, felt like a significant sum to her. Despite the modest earnings, Simi made sure to pay a 10 percent tithe from the money, emphasizing her commitment to her faith.

However, the financial struggles didn’t end with the performance fees. Simi found it challenging to cover the expenses associated with studio sessions, music production, and promotion, which eventually led her to consider a different path.

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Ultimately, she made the difficult decision to transition to secular music. The challenges and limitations she faced as a gospel artist were instrumental in shaping this choice. Now, as a successful artist known for hits like “Duduke,” Simi has found her place in the music industry and is thriving in her new direction.

It is becoming a common thing for musicians, especially gospel musicians, to switch secular music. What is your take on this phenomenon? What do you think is missing in the gospel industry, making musicians dump it for worldly music? Connect with us with your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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