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Sir Isaac

Be careful with the decisions you make today because it may do you good or adversely bring you bad omen tomorrow -Sir Isaac advises.

If any among you lack wisdom, let him ask of the giving God who gives to everyone freely and without reservation, without holding anyone accountable or finding fault with them, and it will be given to him (James 1:5).

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Sir Isaac

Because of the choices they made in their life, many people are unwell and slowly dying.

Many people are incarcerated as a result of one decision they made in their lives.

Many people have experienced rejection from their family and loved ones as a result of a single life decision.

Because of the choices they made at a certain point in their lives, many people have lost the respect of the cultures to which they belong.

As a result of one choice, numerous celebrities have lost their notoriety, power, and wealth.

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Due to one “Yes I Do,” many are suffering torment, suffering, and are sobbing in their marital homes.

According to Proverbs 3:5–6, you should put your complete trust in the Lord and not rely on your own wisdom. Recognize him in all of your actions, and he will make your routes clear.

You can’t rely on your own wisdom only to later experience negative effects that, if you had consulted God sooner, you could have prevented.

When you pray for wisdom, the Lord offers it to you freely and without holding anything against you.

Even Jesus Christ, who we strive to emulate, occasionally asks the master (God) to step in when circumstances appear too challenging for Him.

Keep in mind that after a poor decision has been made and its repercussions have occurred, there is no way to undo it unless God desires to speak on your behalf.

I pray that God will lead you in every choice you make and that He alone will direct your feet rather than your own logic.

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