GCB Customer Care Ranked Worst among Ghanaian Banks – Check the Full List


GCB PLC, one of Ghana’s commercial banks, has been adjudged as the bank with the worst customer care service in the entire country.

The bank topped a poll carried out by popular Ghanaian journalist, Saddick Adams, the Sports Obama.

Taking to his social media handles, Saddick Adams had tweeted: “Based on your experience, which bank has the worst customer service in Ghana?”

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After Ghanaians had expressed their opinions, it was announced that good old GCB Bank, formerly Ghana Commercial Bank, had topped the poll.

The survey has lead to Ghana Commercial Bank trending on Twitter as other Ghanaians give their horror tales with these banks.

Other banks who had a mention in the survey included Standard Chartered, Absa, Access and Stanbic Banks.

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Due to the PR nightmare these banks are suffering, they have pledged to do something about the issue but I think we all know that’s an empty promise.

Customer Care culture in Ghana is horrific, with badly trained staff turning customers off with their poor service – and it’s not exclusive to banks alone either.

It’s just one more thing that doesn’t work in a country that barely works.


Check out Saddick Adams’ post below…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTmssZDe8PE&t=125s&pp=ygUJaGVsbG9naHR2

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