Ohemaa Mercy To Choristers – Selfies During Praises And Worship Attracts Curses

oemaa mercy

Ghanaian gospel star, Ohemaa Mercy , has admonished colleague workers in the vineyard of God to be wary of certain distractions during the all-important period of Praise and Worship, in order to escape the wrath of God

ohemaa mercy

The musician asserted that if one misses “the praise and worship session at church, there’s nothing [else] you’re going to get there,”

“What you really need is what you would have missed,” she told Nana Romeo on Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra 100.5 FM, Thursday, July 13, 2023.

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The moment reserved for lifting up God in praise” is when “he releases his mantle, his glory and your answers”.

In Mercy’s view, “God comes [down]” when we praise him and thereafter, “his servant comes to give the word given him”.

“So if you really want to see the face of God, it is through the worship you don’t even believe in. It is the worship that you don’t respect or value and intentionally miss. If you indeed miss it and come in when the preaching starts, you’ve missed a lot,” the Ote Me Mu (He Lives In Me) hitmaker admonished.

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Ohemaa Mercy said: “Thanksgiving is the one thing God desires from you because of the sustenance and protection he gives against the death [and other calamities] that come for others between Monday and Sunday.”

To buttress, she cited an instance where she was invited to sing at a church.

“…before they called me up on stage, there was worship going on [involving] everybody,” she narrated, “and God opened my eyes [in a vision] and I saw that there were some chairs that were empty and you know some people are in the habit of always sitting at a specific place. There was a particular lady – when I took the microphone I asked about where she was. I was told she was not present but not so long after that, she arrived – I was singing then. I told her: ‘You’ve really missed out’.”

Ohemaa Mercy said she explained to the woman how God had sent his angel to bring “your child to you but since you were not present, he took the child away”.

The thing about the praise and worship session, according to the singer-songwriter, is it is a time one is open and receptive”.

“A lot of people miss out on their answers to prayers because they miss worship,” she said.

The multiple award-winning artiste bemoaned that “we’ve become too familiar with God, the Almighty, the I Am that I Am” meanwhile, “when we go before mighty human kings we show reverential fear”.

She admonished those who are in the habit of “taking selfies” and engage in other forms of distraction during praise and worship time.

You’ve taken up a curse,” she warned. “I’ll say it again. You’ve taken up a big curse because you’ve shown you don’t respect God.”

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