YOLO Season 6 Episode 9 (Watch)


YOLO Season 6 Episode 9 – Cyril has volunteered to teach at a Junior High School in the Northern Region. His fun way of teaching has made many of his students fond of him, and wouldn’t want to miss school for nothing.


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Cyril finds out one of his most brilliant students is to be married off. Cyril with the help of George who visits him on a curiosity tour, team up with the headmaster to help combat the issue of child marriage, teenage pregnancy as well as some health and social issues including child and newborn health, malaria, adolescent reproductive health, water, sanitation and hygiene among others.

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Meanwhile back in Accra, Mark Anthony and his colleagues are about to start vacation classes and they all can’t wait to reunite with their class mates as well as make new friends from other schools. With teachers having a limited control over students’ life and movement, the likes of Odenkyem and Flex see this period as the perfect opportunity to explore.

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Emily who has missed Cyril takes a trip to the north to reconcile with him, she goes on the trip with Maame Yaa. They end up joining hands with Cyril and George in their quest to help the adolescents make the right choices and those needing health care make use of the facilities available at the health centres.

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Drogba on the other hand has rekindled his interest in a now transformed Jane who is now fully focused on her career as a beautician. She tells him the only way they could be together is to tie the knot, a life which Drogba doesn’t seem prepared for. By and large, the old issues of reproductive health problems, malaria, hand wash, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy facing these youths do not seem to be going away easily with others like Flex, Pharisee and Tilly coming forth with their own issueS.

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