Masked Thugs attack, rob registrants at Achimota EC Office


Masked thugs reportedly launched an attack on some persons who were waiting to register for their Voter ID Cards at the Okaikwei North District office of the Electoral Commission in Achimota during the early hours of Sunday morning.

The hooligans disrupted the queue, causing injuries to some individuals, and then fled the scene.

According to sources close to GhanaWeb, the thugs arrived at the registration centre around 5 am. One victim, a lactating mother, was struck with a stick.

Additionally, the thugs stole money, mobile phones, and other belongings from the people waiting to register.

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In response to this disturbing development, Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North, Theresa Awuni, took to Facebook to express her concerns.

The lawmaker stated, “We come in peace, but I am sending a warning to all the elephant members [referring to NPP] in Okaikwei North that they should not start what they cannot finish. This dawn, my boys were attacked by known NPP thugs, masked up, seized their money, phones, and other items as they queued up at the registration centre. Unfortunately for them, two were arrested. I patiently await the outcome of this arrest because that will determine our next line of action. Mind you, we are very prepared for anything.”

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What is your take on this unfornate development leading to the 2024 general election? Has is any bearing on the electoral atmosphere, as the member of parliament put it?

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