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Story of Herbert Obeng: Ghanaian Fashionista Turning Heads in America

Herbert Obeng

Fashion in recent years has become one of the art businesses making ground amidst others.

People on several occasions have felt confident empowered and moreover, expressed themselves through fashion.

Herbert Obeng

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African fashion designs  are making a  steady growth globally with the advent  of brands like Herbin Fashion which is owned by Herbert Obeng.

Herbert is a young Ghanaian  who resides in the USA and studies at the University of Maryland. Herbert’s aim is to promote the Ghanaian culture and heritage including others through fashion.

Herbert Obeng

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Herbert Obeng started his fashion brand in November 2019.

Herbin’s fashion brand doesn’t just focus on athleisure. The brand sells a variety of clothes, from T-shirts and sweatshirts to dresses and blouses on its online store : an international business that ships to the U.S., U.K., Germany and Ghana.

Herbert Obeng

Herbert is also the founder of Flute Charity foundation.  A charity organisation that seeks to transform lives through giving. He is also a sports  broadcast journalist .

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Check out our one on One interview with Herbert Obeng:

1. Why did you go into fashion?

Response: I went into fashion because I wanted to promote the heritage and culture of my homeland and that of others

2. What are some of the achievements your brand has earned so far

Response:We have done 10 fashion shows so far and have been featured in articles 5 times. 

3. How is the fashion industry in America treating you?

Response: The America fashion industry treating is us great.Most people love the designs we have and love patronising them

4. What’s the difference between the American fashion industry and that of ghana?

Response: In America, people love to try different things so they don’t mind buying something from  a different culture to try it on

5. Do you gain patronage from non Ghanaians and Africans.?

Response: Yes, we do get purchases from different diversities

6. Where do u want to see your brand in the next years and Who do you look up to?

Response : I want to see my brand grow big and become one of the biggest brands in the world.  We want to have a branch different parts of the world. So far we are located in 4 countries;Ghana, USA,UK,and Germany . I look up to myself because I want to bring new styles into the world.

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